Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Budva - Where Zeus captured Europa

 Budva, Montenegro - A Place of Myth
This is where the god Zeus captured the lovely Europa. Its mythological roots run deep. See

Archeological people say that the town was settled, with records and all, in the 4th Century. It has a readily identifiable rock formation, the Island of St. Nikola. It helps to do an Images search if a photo in your own camera is unclear when you get back. Looking up those third-party photos is the best way to check which picture of a walled city is which.

For Budva, see also, and navigate about. The rock formations are the identification for sure.

Budva, Montenegro. View from castle to sea.

Budva is a fine walled city, with impressive rocks to dash invaders.

It shows how dangerous many of the harbors were, and why walled cities on peninsulas were effective defenses. Little chance to hover about and think. Do see this overview gallery -

Here is an etching of the town map in 1615. At etching. Numbers 3 and 4 on the map look like Kotor and Bay of Kotor, from the location, not the spelling, and number 2 could be Cetinje, but I am not sure. Walls and battlements.

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