Monday, July 30, 2007

Montenegro finally getting travel news headlines. Travel Market.

The Wisdom of Russia in Investing.
Travel Market.

Montenegro's Recreational, Ski, Travel Destination/Resources
Our US interest in footholds for our markets:  We go too fast for military advantage.  Foreign policy may be a side effect of investment in travel and recreation - but look at what we are missing in Montenegro.  Business opportunities flying past us.

We understand that Russia and other countries are buying up whatever they can in Montenegro for the travel market.  And with good reason.

Montenegro, Kotor Bay

See the New York Times, Sunday, July 22, 2007 - "Montenegro, An Adriatic Stretch is Awaiting Its Riviera Moment," by Clay Risen. A fitting tribute to a jewel. The country is between Croatia and Albania on the Adriatic Coast; and to the south west of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the southeast of Serbia. It is now on the euro, making travel easier, and prices are still excellent compared to Croatia and its tourist-filled Dubrovnik.

Apparently Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor visited here - is that an endorsement? Yes. The article summarizes Budva, with its Venetian fort, and the resort of Sveti Stefan, on an island with a causeway, Boka Kotorska, the Bay of Kotor, and Perast, all the topics of posts here. New information - Perast had a fine nautical academy where Peter the Great studied; and the islands were the meeting place for towns to work out disputes.