Thursday, January 01, 2009

Velika Plaza, Beach (Long Beach). Mountains, Resorts.

.Velika Plaza
The Financial Times, through James Owen, cites Velika Plaza as a flawless pearl, Financial Times, April 26-27, 2008.  Can it survive, can its spectacles of its coast and mountains, largely uninhabited, survive the coming tourism.
1.  Velika Plaza - There are apparently great waves here, at this The Adriatic Riviera. The area was heavily influenced by the Venetians, and little walled cities sprang up.

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2. Ada Bojana - This is an island where the Bojana River enters the Adriatic Sea.  This thumbnail is from,12318.html/

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3. Ulcinj - a small city not far from the beach, and we see that a water taxi is available

So much of Montenegro that we saw consisted of its fabulous mountains and fjords, that we thought this shoreline should also be mentioned.  Even the fort at the walled city of Budva is rocky.  The roads inland are fine, we found, and we do not mind long stretches of just the views, but others may want some other sights.  Is there still nudity at a German-favored vacation spot at Velike?

4. Island of Sveti Stefan - village turned into one big resort. It is owned by Aman Resorts Group. Russian investors are all over. Big villas on the shore.

5. Zabljak - Tito and his partisans were active in this area in World War II, and it is now a small ski resort. The water supply is limited to 8 hours a day, but the scenery is beautiful.

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